Factory Operation

We build a particular business agreement for each of our customers, allies or partners to the needs of your business to integrate the Smart Business capabilities of Sinergyz following this Factory process:


We define the business model by integrating innovation in the context of the target market.


We develop the technology and the operating structure of the Minimal Viable Product of the business.


We integrate the team and the necessary fundamental capacities for the start of operations of the MVP.


We accompany the execution of the business plan and its validation in the market.

We deliver all our capabilities so that your business develops


There are several businesses developed in the Sinergyz factory, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) companies of products and services.

Smart Supply Chain. Online platform of service of procurement and logistics of industrial supplies.

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Smart Maintenance Integral storage platform, organization and analysis of operationand maintenance data of industrial equipment based on Artificial Intelligenceand Internet of Things structures.

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Ecommerce supply platform. Weldingsupplies solution for contractors and industrial plants.

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Business solutions for import and export logistics and purchase processes.

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